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About Us

Lanoviz Security Solutions, has beenestablished as a Solutions and GPS tracking platform Provider inIndia, with partners and distributors in Middle East and Africa. Ourfeature-rich and highly customizable software products and hardware for billingand accounting are designed to meet the unique business and operationalrequirements of each client and partners. With Lanoviz Security  solutions, our partners and customers offertheir clients the following competitive advantages:

• Improved customer service

• Optimized resources usage (money, manpower,time)

• Increased profitability

• Improved assets and vehicle security

• Decreased outlay communications, fuel,labor, maintenance, insurance

Oursuccess in part comes from always listening to our customer’s / distributor’sneeds and the ability to create realistic solutions, which ultimately savestime and money. We solve the business problems not the technologyproblems.  Continually improving oursolutions which resolves real world security and logistics problems is theheart of what we do best. The constant attention to details, personalizedservice, turn-key integration of individual corporate requirements, and third-partysoftware and hardware integration is what makes us unique in the industry.

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